About Us

Since 2005, our unique Czech restaurant concept has filled the gap between all the fast food restaurants and expensive so-called luxury restaurants.

Restaurant Concept

STEAKGRILL® is a Czech concept developed by M. D. Klíma based on his twenty years of experience and work in American steakhouses. It differs from other restaurants in that it offers a wide range of popular international dishes in addition to steaks.

  • M. D. Klíma and Jaroslav Honzajk
Michael Dobromil Klíma
Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise!
Michael Dobromil Klíma—Founder of the STEAKGRILL® Concept
Born June 23rd 1928, died October 15th 2011
Mike’s life story (Czech), an article in Mike’s imaginary university for guests (Czech)

Our Steaks

We make beef steaks from aged meat with a high degree of marbling. We roast our steaks accurately as you request—from rare to well done. If you are not sure our staff is always ready to advise you.

steak rare
steak medium rare
Medium rare
steak medium

Our meats are never frozen. We make sure the meat reaches room temperature before cooking. We tenderize all meat by gentle manual means (no chemicals).

USDA Prime quality class
USDA Prime
USDA Choice quality class
USDA Choice
USDA Select quality class
USDA Select

We import mostly from farms in South America, usually from Uruguay, with high and medium degrees of marbling. We use meat from grain-fed animals or USDA Prime and USDA Choice quality class meats.

Video Archives

Our restaurant has been featured in the TV shows Živě na Jedničce and Kluci v akci. In these TV shows we showed, among other things, how to prepare our hamburger and our pork ribs.