Wine List

The wine list is tailored for our restaurant by a leading Czech specialist. Acceptable pricing is a main criterion in addition to the dishes on offer. We offer French, Italian and Czech wines.

  1. Sparking Wines and Prosecco
  2. House Wine
  3. White Wines
  4. Red Wines

Sparking Wines and Prosecco

Louis Perdrier Demi-Sec / Brut
Grown in France, variety Ugni Blanc.
Pale yellow sparkling wine with green tones, a delicious foam and lots of fine bubbles. Fresh fruity and flowery fragrance with hints of citrus fruits. A young wine with a gently sweet flavor and a well-balanced sparkling.
0.75 LCZK 290
Prosecco Conca d´ORO DOC Gio Cuvée, Extra dry
Light golden color, beautiful aroma reminiscent of garden fruits and flowers. The taste is fresh, juicy, fruity and full of pleasant aftertaste of juicy acidity.
0.75 LCZK 290
Prosecco Conca d´ORO DOC Millesimato Cuvée, Extra dry
Prosecco with rich velvety sparkling and lighter straw yellow color. Intense apple aroma, apricot tones with a hint of white peach. In the mouth, the wine is elegant with a balanced ratio of spicy acidity and residual sugar.
0.75 LCZK 370
Prosecco Conca d´ORO DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore, Brut
Prosecco made in the highest quality with rich velvety sparkling and lighter straw yellow color. It has a complete and elegant character in both aroma and taste. Gradually develop, fresh citrus and fruity tones of ripe apples, pears, acacia flowers and yellow melon.
0.75 LCZK 550
Prosecco Vedova DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore, Brut
Prosecco Superiore from Valdobbiadene, the origin of grapes from the slopes of this location, is always a guarantee of the highest quality prosecco. You will get a complex aroma with tones of jasmine, rose and acacia, which harmonises very pleasantly with tones of apple, banana and pineapple with mineral undertones.
0.75 LCZK 550

House Wine

Pinot Gris – medium-dry white
South Moravia region.
Moravian regional wine with a fruity aroma, light and harmonious with a slightly sweet taste.
0.2 LCZK 58
Grüner Veltline – dry
South Moravia region.
Light white wine with a fragrance of white flowers and spices.
0.2 LCZK 58
BIG ZIN Rosé Primitivo 2016 – medium-dry rosé
Grown in Apulia, Italy.
A classic Moravian variety with a light green color. The aroma is more fruity and spicy, typical of this variety.
0.2 LCZK 56
IL Barone – dry red
Ruby red wine full of intensity. The aroma of fruity tones is dominated by blackcurrants and blueberries and the aroma of cardamom, wood and smoke.
0.2 LCZK 58
Rendeiro – medium-dry red
Wine of ruby red color with fruity and velvety taste, fine tannins and pleasantly sweet finish.
0.2 LCZK 56

White Wines

Zapletal Müller Thurgau 2018 reserve wine – dry
Grown in Velké Bílovice, Moravia.
The wine is of a glittering golden color. The taste and fragrance combine white peach, pears and gentle notes of citrus fruits. A harmonic taste with fine residual sugar and a juicy acidity.
0.75 LCZK 240
Zapletal Rulandské šedé 2018 late harvest wine – dry
Grown in Velké Bílovice, Moravia.
The color is a deep yellow, the fragrance and flavor features notes of pear compote and a gentle buttery, even creamy, long-lasting aftertaste.
0.75 LCZK 350
Riesling DIVA 2018 – dry
Grown in Kremstal, Austria.
Fresh harmonic wine with a beautiful composition of fruit, peach blossom, apricot, which blends very nicely with spiciness with a trace of mint, in the aftertaste with fine acidity and mineral tones.
0.75 LCZK 280
Endless River Sauvignon 2018 – dry
Grown in Marlborough, New Zealand.
Wine of light yellow color. In the aroma notes of tropical fruits and gooseberries. This Sauvignon Blanc has fresh acidity and a bouquet of summer yellow fruits. In the core it tastes distinctive minerality, supported by a penetrating fruity taste with tones of herbs.
0.75 LCZK 280
Veltlínské zelené 2018 – dry
Grown in DAC kamptal, Austria.
Beautifully fragrant wine with a lower golden color. With a delicate fruity taste of green apple and citrus fruits, in the aftertaste we can find herbal tones, complemented by pleasant minerality.
0.75 LCZK 320

Red Wines

Zapletal Frankovka 2016 late harvest wine – dry
Grown in Velké Bílovice, Moravia.
This wine is a deep ruby color with violet reflections. A prominent fragrance of sour cherries in dark chocolate and plum butter. The taste takes denser notes of chocolate and coffee alongside the plum butter.
0.75 LCZK 280
Montenero Primitivo 2015 – dry
Grown in Apulia, Italy.
A wine with flavors of plums, aniseed, cinnamon and vanilla. Intensive taste of licorice, blackberries, dark chocolate and cherries. The palate will enjoy the pleasant acidity accompanied by vanilla notes.
0.75 LCZK 260
Thomson Shiraz 2016 – dry
Grown in Byrne Vineyards, Australia.
The aroma and taste of the oak barrel gently complements the aroma of berries, dominated by raspberry, mulberry and vanilla. The taste is typical South Australian Shiraz: full, rich with dark red color.
0.75 LCZK 400
First edition Carmenere 2017 – dry
Grown in Valle Secreto, Chile.
Even with a glimpse of this unique wine, you will be enchanted by the velvet tones of blackberries and ripe dark fruits. The taste is identical to the aroma, very balanced, elegant with a long persistence with a pleasant touch of clove and pepper.
0.75 LCZK 690